Saturday, 31 October 2015

Character Body Thumbnails

After making a clay model of our main characters head, I thought that his body didn't match in quite the same style. Since this character (Chirper) is based on the twitter logo, I looked to real birds for references. I've come up with a few rough sketches that could be used for Chirper's final character design. Some feedback would be appreciated for this.

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Character Clay Model

When sketching out the main character in our narrative project, I found it was tricky to accurately draw the head from different angles. So I decided to sculpt a small model out of clay to use as reference for drawing. I feel this will help when creating an expression sheet for this character, and even benefit us when we start to digitally model him. It's also good to have this model to pass around to everyone in the group who may need a reference point to draw or model from.

Monday, 26 October 2015

Environment design thumbnails

Environment Thumbnails 

For the start I was thinking of keeping it simple for the environment and give more importance to the character but then I felt that it might look too empty and not very "real world" like so I decided to add some features in the next thumbnails.

Tuesday, 20 October 2015

First Animatic

This is the first animatic made for our narrative project. I plan on putting together another one, after seeing the mistakes through this one. A couple of things can be improved with the timing, but that is on my part as I put this together. What I have notices that may need to be changed is the written text on screen. Some of it needs to be shortened so it is easier for the audience to read quickly.

Monday, 19 October 2015

Female Character - Silhouettes

Since our Female Character doesn't play a huge role in our Animation; we decided on keeping her simple, but at the same time we want create a character that has a warm friendly look or even cold.

Storyboard for Narrative Project

I based this storyboard on Andy's script. There may be a lot of images in this storyboard, but that is because I want to use it for the animatic.

Saturday, 17 October 2015

The first draft for our social media site design

After Andy's idea, it's called chirper! The image of the girl is not mine and just a replacement for now, the right side looks very empty but after scratching my head several times I could still not think of anything that should be there so I left it free for now. Any improvement ideas are welcome, hope you like the idea so far :p

Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Narrative - First Script

Social Networks by Radiant Cube Productions, Version 1 


A lone GIRL is standing under a bus stand in a suburban residence. Around her, the sounds of light bird chirping and natural sounds can be heard. A timid BOY slowly approaches the bus stop, and prostrates himself opposite the GIRL. He slowly turns his head towards her - Split Screen Cut Separates Characters - and he visualises her profile created on the social network 'Chirper'. Images of her appear in the centre screen, and her name is shown as "Prettygirl49". 

The GIRL's Literature Book and University ID are shown, which causes her fictional profile to be updated in the information section. Her T-Shirt with a picture of Yoshi is revealed, which adds 'Video Games', to her 'What I do for fun' tab. 

In the first screen, The BOY waves towards the GIRL to initiate a conversation. The second screen creates a chat window in Chirper. 

Hello, you are B,E,A,utiful

The GIRL does not respond in any way, she turns and looks around normally. Screen two closes the chat box, and Chirper attempts to send a 'Request of Friendship' - Split Screen Cut Closes Inwards - BOY moves closer to GIRL, but only halfway, and nervously reaches out his hand. The GIRL does not notice the motion - Split Screen Cut Separates Characters - The BOY disappointedly makes his way back to his side. The second screen shows that the Request of Friendship has been declined. 

The BOY clenches his fist, and is more determined. The chat box re-opens.

*wink emoticon*

His face corresponds with the emoji sent, and he points his index fingers with his thumbs up at her in a suggestive motion. The GIRL still does not respond, and remains neutral. The BOY then rolls his palm down his face. He is unsure of what to do next. Screen two closes the chat box for the second time, and Chirper attempts to send a 'Prod' on the social networking site - Split Screen Cut Closes Inwards - While the GIRL is turned, the BOY  moves to her side, and is only inches away from poking her, but he relents, and quickly moves back to his side - Split Screen Cut Separates Characters - In the second screen, Chirper responds with 'Error: Prods can only be sent to friends'. 

Growing weary of his failed attempts, the BOY turns towards the GIRL and smiles nervously while scratching his head. Chirper opens up the chat box again.

Listen, I know I came on too strong, bu- (erases message)

BOY shakes his head. Gets a new idea.

Hey, lets hang out some- (erases message)

BOY shakes his head more furiously. Gets a new idea. 

Are you an angel, because- (erases message)

BOY begins panting of exhaustion - Split Screen Cut Closes Off Screen 3 - The BOY has a eureka moment, and turns his head towards the GIRL's side. 

Hi, my name is Trip

- Split Screen Cut Closes - He looks up proudly, but the girl has already left the bus stop. He is left standing on his own, and Chirper's chat box appears at the top right corner saying 'Prettygirl49 has left the conversation'. The chat box disappears, and the boy sighs and leans his head down. He looks to the left, and sees an odd looking BIRD. The BIRD looks back at him and tilts its head to the side, and chirps.


The BIRD begins jabbing the BOY with its beak, in order to get him to perform an action - Split Screen Cut - Chirper opens up in the second screen, and proceeds to select the follow button - Split Screen Close - The Boy smiles widely, pets the bird, and hurriedly moves off screen in the GIRL's direction.



Monday, 12 October 2015

Narrative- Character Sketches of Twit

I've taken one of my characters from my last thumbnails and did a little more work on him. I think he should look more human yet have some bird features, as he is meant to symbolize the Twitter icon. I also thought that a suitable knick name for him could be 'Twit,' short for Twitter and also means foolish person.

Narrative - Character - thumbnail

I tried to create some characters inspired by social network but also find a way to express his shy,innocent personality.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Narrative - Character Form

A design idea that I had for our two characters. I thought the shape would work well, since we are using a theme of social networking. This was basically what I looked at:

Friday, 9 October 2015

Narrative Story- Character Thumbnails

In our story there is a character who expresses himself through social media. He is the living embodiment of a social network site, so this was an interesting motive for character design. I have done a few rough sketches of characters based on social media sites and their logos.

1. Facebook- I felt he would have a long, straight figure, and every part of him has angles. I also based the shape of his head on the Facebook logo.
2. Twitter- The icon for twitter is a blue bird, and so I based this character's design on that idea. I particularly like this sketch as he looks like a human slowly transforming into a bird.
3. Emoji- The third character was based on an emoji, but when I finished the sketch it reminded me a bit of a fried egg. I'm very fond of this design as the emoji theme is far to obvious and I think something discrete will work better for this character.
4. Facebook- Another character based on the Facebook logo. This one is shorter and in my opinion, looks a little cutesy.
5. Tinder- Nothing screams good social skills like Tinder. This character may work if the theme for our animation was 'love,' but I don't think it'll work in the context of friendship. Still it was good to get ideas down.
6. Instagram- This one may be my favourite, as I like his face. The logo for Instagram is a camera and that perfectly represents what social media is now. People taking photographs and looking at other photographs. This character is one that likes to watch and observe other people.
7. Tumblr- The logo for Tumblr heavily influenced the design of this character, as I tried my best effort to make his face in the shape of a 't'.
8. You Tube- His face is based on the logo of You Tube and a widescreen television. This character was a quick sketch and I'm not particularly fond of it.

Feedback from anyone would be much appreciated as I think some opinions are needed. I don't want any of these characters to be the final design, as each one of them is based on one social media site. I would like the character in our story to represent social media in general, with out singling any websites out. 

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Narrative tutorial with Alan

After talking to Alan today, he asked us to make some bullet points and line out our idea as a story, so here goes:

First of all, the main character thinks only in social media terms and it's all happening in his head.

- a girl sits at a bus stop
- main character, guy, let's call him Bob, comes along and sits down next to her
- the screen splits, shows his face, her face and a social media site alike to facebook
- it has her fictional profile, titles "pretty girl", camera zooms into details of her which pop up as information on her profile (uni ID, logo on jumper - favourite band? etc)
- he waves in her direction, facebook writes hello in the chat with "pretty girl" that popped up
- on facebook he sends friend request, in rl he half leans over to shake her hand, she is daydreaming and doesn't notice
- he doesn't give up and sends her an emoji which turns into a creepy smile on his face
- not knowing what to say, he types questions and deletes them before sending them over and over again
- all the while the facebook window grows bigger and takes up the girls side
- he finally sends something and looks up proudly only to discover that she left the bus stop
- the facebook window fades and leaves him sitting on his own but a little window pop up at the top "pretty girl has left the conversation"
- his gaze falls onto a little blue bird that sits where she was sitting, bird looks back at him
- credits
- back onto bird, "follow?" button pops up

Monday, 5 October 2015

Not so Social Networking: Narrative Idea

This idea was thought up at the group discussion with Alan. It's about a character who needs to make friends but doesn't know how to. And so the character refers to social media in he hope of making friends. This idea is very similar to the two characters at the bus stop, and that because it's playing on the same theme, but in a slightly different contexts. In this idea the main character is different to the other characters, which are plain in appearance. It's symbolize how little people know about someone when they first meet them, and also it makes it easier to animate characters like this. Personally I prefer the other idea about two characters who meet for the first time. I think with the theme of friendship, two characters work well with it. However I did want to post this as this was an idea we discussed as a group. 

Friday, 2 October 2015

Friend Request- Narrative Idea

After speaking with Alan our group decided basing the story on Facebook friends. This is one idea I had and I hope to get feedback from the others.
 There are two people at a bus stop. One of them spends so much time on social networks that he now see's everything in Facebook terms. He meets someone at the bus stop and wants to make friends, but the only way he knows how is done through Facebook.

 The split screen is to show what's going on in his mind. I feel this is also a use of the term 'behind the scenes,' as it allows an insight into what the character is thinking.
This story may seem short but it should last for around two minutes, and it covers all the themes our group was given for this project.