Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Girl Concept and Alternatives

Here are some concepts for the girl character. The first one is based off the one in Cat's Storyboard. I also tried some variations, more of which are to come.  


  1. I like them, but some of them look like she's got buck teeth ;-)
    Also could you make a few designs with her reading her book? There must be a reason why she isn't noticing him!

    1. Actually, all of them have buck teeth! I really like the t-shirt and skirt combo (the last one), maybe give her a burnt orange shirt with Yoshi on it and a dark green skirt so that her colours sit well with the environment, to underline that she belongs to this world and Twit doesn't?

    2. Haha, that was a lip highlight, will be sure to watch out for that next time.