Monday, 28 September 2015

Narrative idea

This story is pretty basic... Split screening the life of the kid and a dog that has been abandoned and lives on the street.  The Kid is on his way to School and Kids never approach him and because of his disability. On that same day he gets bullied by some seniors.. at that same time the stray dog comes to rescue the kid from the bullies and saves the kid.

Another story that came to my mind is the concept of a Kid being mentally challenged or have Autism and doesn't talk to anyone but his Imaginary friend. There is a dog who is lonely without love and finds this Kid and tries to befriend him but gets pushed away by the Kid. At last they unite and the dog becomes to best friend.








Sun and Cloud

This is just one of the ideas we thought of. The whole concept of this trying to show how the sun and cloud need to work together for the environment. Plants can not live without the Sun nor Water. We tried to express this using little kids as a our base idea.

Narrative Idea- School Play

The first idea I suggested was a story about two friends who get into an argument and spend the rest of the day without each other. Andy put in the suggestion that one character could be the sun and the other a cloud. This would symbolise how they both work well together, however it took away from the theme 'behind the scenes.' So to incorporate that theme with Andy's idea, perhaps a school play could be the perfect setting. Two children in the play together, one cloud and one sun. They have an argument in rehearsal and spend the next day and night not talking to each other. A split screen can be used to show their lives running parallel to one another, mirroring their actions. The split screen can be broken on the night of the play when the curtain raises and they see each other and make up. 

Sunday, 27 September 2015

Narrative Story Idea- Behind the Screens

A story idea I came up with follows the activities of two characters. One spends a lot of time alone on his phone and computer whilst the other seems to have a perfect life, going out, dating and socializing. The animation follows their lives, showing them in a parallel split screen. At the end it is revealed that they are the same person, living a virtual life on the internet. The last shot is of him on his death bed, alone with just his laptop. This story is to point out how much time people spend on the internet, putting together their ideal lifestyle through social networks. I think that this story fits in with the theme of friendship as this is a person with virtual friends instead of real ones. It also fits in with the theme of behind the scenes, as it show two sides to how this character is living his life.    

Ideas for the Narrative

Yesterday on the open day Kavya, Andy and I met up (Cat could sadly not make it) and we did a brainstorm were we just got a few ideas on paper! Some of them are a bit weaker than others, but I decided to just put all of them on here so we can at least make sure that we've given every idea a chance.

- we started off with an imaginary friend who could also be a dead twin that the character still talks to or even a ghost
- the one I like best is a bout a couple that goes through a divorce but hasn't told their friends yet, so whenever they are at parties they have to pretend to still be best friends but the moment they leave they part ways, drop their face and go to their own homes were they look at pictures of times when they were still happy together and just feel sorry for themselves - quick story board:

- A cat is his owners best friend and cuddles with him, meows, plays, gets food and then vanishes - to the neighbour, where he gets more food but the unsuspecting owner doesn't know and is so happy about having his cat as his best friend
- A pet is a crime fighter behind the owners back, always disappears at night and comes back with bruises and cuts etc and the news wonder who keeps their streets clean at night
- A tiger is a ferocious beast in the show bust best friends with his partner behind the scenes
- something about salt and pepper??
- An elephant and bird have a symbiotic (I think that's the word?) friendship were they help each other out, bird picks nasty insects from the elephants back and is in turn allowed to build his nest on top of him, one day bird flies into trees and elephant wanders off so the bird has to find the elephant with his kids -- maybe a bit too childish?
- a cliff thinks the sea is it's best friend as it's always there for it but doesn't realise that the sea is slowly eating away from the cliff
- 2 socks from different pairs are best friends and always try to be as close as possible to each other  so when the human wears only one out of the two they sabotage  their human - potential for comedy?
- squirrel and tree are best friends - lot's of puns?
- a guy has a breakup with his girlfriend and turns more and more into a slob, his friends hatch plans to get him out of his flat and succeed in the end - morale:you are nothing without your friends?
- 2 really good friends are super competitive when it comes to sports up to the point where it threatens their friendship
- two friends swear at each other and show their affection that way (- see what I mean with weaker than others?)
- the letters of the alphabet make literature or poetry by chasing each other but secretly hat each other as well - this is very abstract but I think if done right it could be an engaging animation
- the (minutes and hours) fingers of a clock want to be together so badly but for obvious reason, can't be. They might try to brake the clock? More of a love story than friendship though

It's a start!

Wednesday, 23 September 2015


For this project we have been asked as a group to create and make a 2 minute short animation adopted from three segments. 
Our group will be working with the three that can be seen below. 

  • A Theme  -   Friendship 
  • Editing/ Visual storytelling  - Split Screen 
  • World - Meanwhile behind the scenes

Split Screen : 
This technique known as "Split Screen" is where the screen gets divided into a 2 panels or more in order to show the different views of the action. This style is also commonly seen in comic books. Some films that use this specific technique are : Kill Bill, 500 days of Summer, Sisters.

We have been discussing about the whole concept and how we could try not to exaggerate and get to the point in a short time. We all will be researching and putting in our own ideas and try to come up with an idea that will appear enriching to the audience eyes. 

Idea 2

Role Reversal 

This idea seems to be quite humorous but also seem to touch upon the bond we have with our pets. I was thinking how it would be if we had a role reversal between a cat/dog owner and the pet itself. The pet has its unique talents and with the the help of the owner they like to audition for an advertisement/talent show. However, these two didn't get along on this day... the cat/dog didn't listen to its owner for a while and behaved aggressively. Suddenly (boom) - an effect.  ( Meanwhile behind the scene)

The two felt different and they didn't feel like themselves and freaked out. They were the next to perform... The cat/dog trying spoil the audition by running around but then had a guilty feeling. They each attempt to perform like the characters they were stuck in.

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Studio Logo, Developments

Hi Team,

I thought the Studio could use a change in design, here are some ideas I had. I prefer the first one, because of the vibrant colours. I can add further improvements if we choose to go with one.

Animation - Idea


My idea was about two  best friends A and B. Friend B is going to help friend A's partner propose to Friend A. However, Friend A who has been doing something else in the Kitchen comes at the wrong time and saw her partner propose to her best friend without knowing the truth.  (Split Screen )
After 1 year the two meet again but who married the guy will be unknown...

First draft for banner

This is a first draft for our banner, it's meant to start of at speed and then slow down gradually but I must have not gotten the Photoshop settings right.

Animation- First Thoughts

Our group brief is to make a short animation about something that goes on 'behind the scenes' with the central theme about friendship. The short video is also to include a split shot view, showing two different scenes happening along side each other. So the first idea I've come up with is following two friends who have an argument and storm off away from each other. Then each character goes about their day in the absence of their friend. They soon realize how unhappy they are and the next time they meet, they make up. I know that this story sounds simple and a bit boring, but we only have around two minutes to create something based on the themes given  to us. I reckon this animation could work well with strong, atmospheric shots of the characters and the environments they're in. This may work well with the main characters being 3D animated with the backgrounds to be 2D animated. Doing this could make it easier to compose the animation, as the backgrounds wouldn't have to be modelled and rendered in Maya. 

Saturday, 19 September 2015

Ideas for our Studio Name

Ideas for our Studio Name

Lofty Studios

Crescent Moon

Radiant Cube     }    Our Final Group Name

Golden Apple Studios   

Frostbite Entertainment  

Glass Prism Productions   

Obelisk Pictures   

Eclipse Animation

We also did some thumbnails for some of the names above and tried to see if any seem to stand out or if any seem too dull.

The top image above is a quick thumbnail I did for the Radiant Cube Studio. We will be uploading more thumbnails soon.

Wednesday, 16 September 2015

First Post

So this is our new blog for our group which we have named Radiant Cube. This post is just to get things started before we get our brief and also to test out how the blog looks.