Monday, 26 October 2015

Environment design thumbnails

Environment Thumbnails 

For the start I was thinking of keeping it simple for the environment and give more importance to the character but then I felt that it might look too empty and not very "real world" like so I decided to add some features in the next thumbnails.


  1. I like the idea with the water but I don't think we should go for it as it's really hard to get the water effect to look real. I think we should zoom into the bench more to actually have the two characters on the screen and not an environment which happens to have people in it. The first two thumbnails look best to me, but instead of water we could have more field on the other side of the fence, I just really really like the tree :D
    But then again, maybe we should go with the water as a river can give an amazing background sound? I love the autumn theme as it makes everything beautiful and colourful but we would have to put less bird sounds in than we would for spring (which is good if we have water). I like the very last thumbnail because it has real atmosphere with the streaky sunshine! And the first, I like the first :)

  2. I think we can leave out the water as it may be a lot of work for something we don't need, but I really like the autumn colours for the environment. To have the trees, bushes and grass in fiery colours like oranges and reds, this creates a good visual contrast between the main character and the environment. Chirper's main colour scheme is blue, and having the background in orange shades, it makes him stand out more. So I say, cut the river/lake and have the park set in autumn :)

  3. Yes ! I do agree with you two ! the river seems to be a little too extreme I guess it might be too complicated for what we are going for as well. Thank you ! I personally prefer the last thumbnail I did with buildings in the background.

  4. Yes, I like the last one as well. Could you do some more thumbnails maybe with close ups of the bench, side views etc.? :p and as many colourful trees as you like :) I love the atmosphere in the last thumbnail, it would be amazing if we could carry that into the final animation!