Monday, 5 October 2015

Not so Social Networking: Narrative Idea

This idea was thought up at the group discussion with Alan. It's about a character who needs to make friends but doesn't know how to. And so the character refers to social media in he hope of making friends. This idea is very similar to the two characters at the bus stop, and that because it's playing on the same theme, but in a slightly different contexts. In this idea the main character is different to the other characters, which are plain in appearance. It's symbolize how little people know about someone when they first meet them, and also it makes it easier to animate characters like this. Personally I prefer the other idea about two characters who meet for the first time. I think with the theme of friendship, two characters work well with it. However I did want to post this as this was an idea we discussed as a group. 


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  2. So cute! But yeah we'll stick with the other idea :p