Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Narrative tutorial with Alan

After talking to Alan today, he asked us to make some bullet points and line out our idea as a story, so here goes:

First of all, the main character thinks only in social media terms and it's all happening in his head.

- a girl sits at a bus stop
- main character, guy, let's call him Bob, comes along and sits down next to her
- the screen splits, shows his face, her face and a social media site alike to facebook
- it has her fictional profile, titles "pretty girl", camera zooms into details of her which pop up as information on her profile (uni ID, logo on jumper - favourite band? etc)
- he waves in her direction, facebook writes hello in the chat with "pretty girl" that popped up
- on facebook he sends friend request, in rl he half leans over to shake her hand, she is daydreaming and doesn't notice
- he doesn't give up and sends her an emoji which turns into a creepy smile on his face
- not knowing what to say, he types questions and deletes them before sending them over and over again
- all the while the facebook window grows bigger and takes up the girls side
- he finally sends something and looks up proudly only to discover that she left the bus stop
- the facebook window fades and leaves him sitting on his own but a little window pop up at the top "pretty girl has left the conversation"
- his gaze falls onto a little blue bird that sits where she was sitting, bird looks back at him
- credits
- back onto bird, "follow?" button pops up

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