Monday, 28 September 2015

Narrative Idea- School Play

The first idea I suggested was a story about two friends who get into an argument and spend the rest of the day without each other. Andy put in the suggestion that one character could be the sun and the other a cloud. This would symbolise how they both work well together, however it took away from the theme 'behind the scenes.' So to incorporate that theme with Andy's idea, perhaps a school play could be the perfect setting. Two children in the play together, one cloud and one sun. They have an argument in rehearsal and spend the next day and night not talking to each other. A split screen can be used to show their lives running parallel to one another, mirroring their actions. The split screen can be broken on the night of the play when the curtain raises and they see each other and make up. 

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  1. We are definitely incorporating aspects of your drawing style, charming concepts.