Wednesday, 23 September 2015


For this project we have been asked as a group to create and make a 2 minute short animation adopted from three segments. 
Our group will be working with the three that can be seen below. 

  • A Theme  -   Friendship 
  • Editing/ Visual storytelling  - Split Screen 
  • World - Meanwhile behind the scenes

Split Screen : 
This technique known as "Split Screen" is where the screen gets divided into a 2 panels or more in order to show the different views of the action. This style is also commonly seen in comic books. Some films that use this specific technique are : Kill Bill, 500 days of Summer, Sisters.

We have been discussing about the whole concept and how we could try not to exaggerate and get to the point in a short time. We all will be researching and putting in our own ideas and try to come up with an idea that will appear enriching to the audience eyes. 

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