Wednesday, 23 September 2015

Idea 2

Role Reversal 

This idea seems to be quite humorous but also seem to touch upon the bond we have with our pets. I was thinking how it would be if we had a role reversal between a cat/dog owner and the pet itself. The pet has its unique talents and with the the help of the owner they like to audition for an advertisement/talent show. However, these two didn't get along on this day... the cat/dog didn't listen to its owner for a while and behaved aggressively. Suddenly (boom) - an effect.  ( Meanwhile behind the scene)

The two felt different and they didn't feel like themselves and freaked out. They were the next to perform... The cat/dog trying spoil the audition by running around but then had a guilty feeling. They each attempt to perform like the characters they were stuck in.

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