Sunday, 27 September 2015

Ideas for the Narrative

Yesterday on the open day Kavya, Andy and I met up (Cat could sadly not make it) and we did a brainstorm were we just got a few ideas on paper! Some of them are a bit weaker than others, but I decided to just put all of them on here so we can at least make sure that we've given every idea a chance.

- we started off with an imaginary friend who could also be a dead twin that the character still talks to or even a ghost
- the one I like best is a bout a couple that goes through a divorce but hasn't told their friends yet, so whenever they are at parties they have to pretend to still be best friends but the moment they leave they part ways, drop their face and go to their own homes were they look at pictures of times when they were still happy together and just feel sorry for themselves - quick story board:

- A cat is his owners best friend and cuddles with him, meows, plays, gets food and then vanishes - to the neighbour, where he gets more food but the unsuspecting owner doesn't know and is so happy about having his cat as his best friend
- A pet is a crime fighter behind the owners back, always disappears at night and comes back with bruises and cuts etc and the news wonder who keeps their streets clean at night
- A tiger is a ferocious beast in the show bust best friends with his partner behind the scenes
- something about salt and pepper??
- An elephant and bird have a symbiotic (I think that's the word?) friendship were they help each other out, bird picks nasty insects from the elephants back and is in turn allowed to build his nest on top of him, one day bird flies into trees and elephant wanders off so the bird has to find the elephant with his kids -- maybe a bit too childish?
- a cliff thinks the sea is it's best friend as it's always there for it but doesn't realise that the sea is slowly eating away from the cliff
- 2 socks from different pairs are best friends and always try to be as close as possible to each other  so when the human wears only one out of the two they sabotage  their human - potential for comedy?
- squirrel and tree are best friends - lot's of puns?
- a guy has a breakup with his girlfriend and turns more and more into a slob, his friends hatch plans to get him out of his flat and succeed in the end - morale:you are nothing without your friends?
- 2 really good friends are super competitive when it comes to sports up to the point where it threatens their friendship
- two friends swear at each other and show their affection that way (- see what I mean with weaker than others?)
- the letters of the alphabet make literature or poetry by chasing each other but secretly hat each other as well - this is very abstract but I think if done right it could be an engaging animation
- the (minutes and hours) fingers of a clock want to be together so badly but for obvious reason, can't be. They might try to brake the clock? More of a love story than friendship though

It's a start!


  1. Love the imagery friend idea, i have something in mind, i'll post it later :D

    1. Me and Andy liked the idea of an imaginary friend and a dog
      or a child that is mentally challenged and only the dog tries to befriend him.