Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Animation- First Thoughts

Our group brief is to make a short animation about something that goes on 'behind the scenes' with the central theme about friendship. The short video is also to include a split shot view, showing two different scenes happening along side each other. So the first idea I've come up with is following two friends who have an argument and storm off away from each other. Then each character goes about their day in the absence of their friend. They soon realize how unhappy they are and the next time they meet, they make up. I know that this story sounds simple and a bit boring, but we only have around two minutes to create something based on the themes given  to us. I reckon this animation could work well with strong, atmospheric shots of the characters and the environments they're in. This may work well with the main characters being 3D animated with the backgrounds to be 2D animated. Doing this could make it easier to compose the animation, as the backgrounds wouldn't have to be modelled and rendered in Maya. 


  1. This makes me think of 'A Christmas Carol' or 'It's A Wonderful Life' - i.e. those narratives in which a person's absence/presence is shown to radically alter a timeline or similar; perhaps the split screen might represent paths not taken/new paths made?

  2. I am inclined to go with this idea. It is simple and straightforward.

    I think to make it less 'boring', we should make the characters unique. They should not be people, but maybe we can give character to the sun and a cloud. Eg. The Sun and Cloud have an argument (no dialogue, just through action and expression). They decide to work apart. However, the Sun scorches all the plants, and the Cloud over waters them. They realise they cannot work apart, and eventually make the plants flourish together.

    1. Love that idea! We'll talk more today :D

    2. This reminds me of a book where the sun chases the moon or vice versa until they realise that they have to work in sync to function properly.