Sunday, 27 September 2015

Narrative Story Idea- Behind the Screens

A story idea I came up with follows the activities of two characters. One spends a lot of time alone on his phone and computer whilst the other seems to have a perfect life, going out, dating and socializing. The animation follows their lives, showing them in a parallel split screen. At the end it is revealed that they are the same person, living a virtual life on the internet. The last shot is of him on his death bed, alone with just his laptop. This story is to point out how much time people spend on the internet, putting together their ideal lifestyle through social networks. I think that this story fits in with the theme of friendship as this is a person with virtual friends instead of real ones. It also fits in with the theme of behind the scenes, as it show two sides to how this character is living his life.    


  1. I really like that! :) we could maybe put in a twist where he discovers that one of his internet friends is also a rl friend or something?

    1. that'll be nice :) so he's no so alone :D